Posted: January 12, 2017 by IA-TPA Support

Getting Starting with Task 1

Now is the time to start thinking about what unit of study would be best suited for this type of feedback. The IA-TPA is organized into four tasks. If you upload as you go, you will be able to finish with little effort. Some things to consider for Task 1 are:

1. When selecting a unit, choose one with 2 formative assessments and a summative assessment to gauge student progress

2. Your Unit Outline is just that – an outline of your lessons for the unit with the standards/learning targets and assessments identified. This will help you decide which assessments to use.

3. Scan or take a picture of your blank assessments before you assign them, so you don’t have to find a blank version later.

You can begin to upload your unit plan outline, commentary, and blank assignments as soon as you identify your unit. Just remember, do NOT submit your portfolio until you finish uploading your files for all four tasks.