Supporting Beginning Teachers

One of the primary outcomes of the IA-TPA is to enrich the dialogue between mentors and beginning teachers by providing targeted feedback around planning, instruction, and assessment. Beginning in 2016-17, mentors will be given access to the system to review the teacher’s submission and provide feedback. Mentors will also be trained on how to use the rubrics to provide this feedback

What Teachers Are Expected to Do

Task 1:

Submit one unit

of instruction

with 2 formative


  • Context of Classroom
  • Unit Plan Outline
  • Commentary

Task 2:

Analyze student

work from


  • 3 Student Work Samples
  • Commentary

Task 3:

Develop & implement

an instructional


  • Video record differentiated lesson
  • Commentary
  • Video record goal setting conference
  • Commentary

Task 4:

Analyze learning

progress for

target students

  • Assessment Commentary
  • Learning Commentary
  • 3 Student Work Samples

Teachers should not have to create new work products for this assessment (excluding the commentaries), but rather leveraging existing artifacts from the instructional processes teachers follow today. All artifacts are submitted as a single portfolio of work.

What Is Your Role


  • Encourage teachers to sign up to participate in the pilot and field trials
  • Review the handbook (assessments and rubrics) with your beginning teachers to understand the requirements of the assessment and how it will be scored
  • Identify coaching opportunities for the teacher around specific areas of the assessment (e.g., differentiation, providing feedback, assessing student learning)
  • Ask open-ended questions to deepen teacher understanding of the specific areas of the assessment without editing or leading the teacher in a specific direction
  • Examine the results from the scoring with the teacher to discuss areas of improvement.


  • Identify specific units or videos to include in the portfolio.
  • Develop or edit the work products assembled by the teacher (beware of Track Changes as a de facto method of editing)
  • Provide feedback on how to change the actual work products that points the teacher in a different direction than what they would have submitted
  • Upload the work for a teacher
  • Share the materials of the assessment or the teacher’s actual work products with others

Sign-Up to be a Rater

All mentors whose beginning teachers have signed up will automatically be assigned to review their teacher’s work. Mentors are also eligible to rate other teachers’ work if they are interested in begin a Rater for this project. Mentors will be anonymous to the other teachers

To get started, you will first need to sign up by clicking on the Sign Up to be a Rater button below. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email about participating in an online training session to learn about the task, rubrics, and how to score teacher work. After the training, you will be asked to score sample submissions to be qualified as a potential rater. Raters will not be compensated for training.

Once qualified and teachers start submitting their work, you will be assigned submissions to review and blind score using an online platform. The scoring window will take place over a 1-3 month period, depending on the number of teacher submissions. Given that the IA-TPA is a tool to support the mentoring process, mentors will not be compensated for reviewing the work submitted by their own teachers. However, mentors will be compensated for each submission they rate that is not from their beginning teacher.

Access to Resources

This page is password protected and available to individuals who are Raters for the IA-TPA. If you are a Rater, but do not have a password, please contact